Yuri Sviridov



Product’s name: Lifetime Lamp & Meme Lamps

Lifetime Lamp

Is an experiment which tries to reflect time in an object. Time is movement and dynamism. And life is a whole set of experiences lived over time.The rotating light creates moving shadows which help to enjoy a vivid and relaxing atmosphere. The lampshade can remind a sunset, it’s smooth and seems to be floating over the surface to reinforce the sense of liveliness.

Meme Lamps

A series of lighting accessories full of great personality. They are Inspired in cookie cutters and their design is simple and original. Their vivid colors, combined with the ability to generate shadows, can make spaces very lively. Shapes of Meme Lamps are easy to recognize and remember. Wherever they are, the light interact with objects and surfaces and can bring a creative, unique and very special lighting solution.


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