Get a place in Fuori Salone Milan 2014 with PDM!

Product Design Madrid is also committed with design outside Spain. The fair PDM2 incorporates the PDM2 Awards that provide promotional opportunities internationally. A panel of experts headed by Rossana Orlandi will select the top ten products of the fair. These designs will travel to Milan in 2014 and will be presented from 8 April 14 in Fuori Salone during the Design Week, the biggest event of the year in the field of design.

Andreu Carulla, Arthur Analts, Noviembre Estudio, Antonio Serrano, Mimétrica, Schneider Colao, Mª José Gutiérrez, Raúl Lázaro, Yuri Sviridov, ControlMad y Dodi Díaz: These design studios were awarded last edition and showcased at Superstudio (Via Tortona) in April 2013.