Shih Chien University (Taipei, Taiwan)


Tenon-Mortise, Oobmab, Red & white, Little Denim, Urban Renewal and Papel

The Department of Industrial Design, Shih Chien University(SCID) was founded in 1992. In 2009, Business Week Magazine reviewed the curricula of SCID as one of the TOP 30 World’s Best Design Programs. The comprehensions, reflections, and judgments derived from discussions on humanity, society and technology foster students’ ability in understanding industrial design and being able to develop unique process of designing. SCID has won over 1000 design awards including nearly 300 international ones. SCID also focuses on international exhibitions, workshops, internships, publications and industry-academy cooperation’s. It is our belief that only through constant improvement in upgrading our design program and retaining outstanding faculty, can we build up a unique design education platform.


Yin-Jiun Wang 
Taiwan, R.O.C


Yu-Chuan Lin
Taiwan, R.O.C

Red & white

Yi-Ting Lin
Taiwan, R.O.C

Little Denim

Pei-Wen Lin
Taiwan, R.O.C

Urban Renewal

Yu-Hsun Cheng
Taiwan, R.O.C


Chien-Li Lin
Taiwan, R.O.C

Taiwan, R.O.C