Product Design Madrid was in Fuori Salone 2013



Product Design Madrid temporarily moved to Milan from 9 and April 13, 2013. The Superstudio’s Temporary Museum for New Design (via Tortona) was the place chosen to show the best designs of its first edition in Madrid and promote their activities abroad.

These are the designs showcased: Bridge by Arthur Analts, Moby Duck and The Stooler by Andreu Carulla, Butakita by Antonio Serrano, Pina by Schneider Colao, O-Lamp by Mimétrica, Meme Lamps by Yuri Sviridov, Hombrecillos de neón by María José Gutiérrez, Little Friend by Noviembre Estudio, Jirafa by Raul Lazaro and Paula by ControlMad. And additionally DDI2011 by Dodi Diaz, who received a special mention for his social design.

A specialized committee made this selection during the first edition in Madrid, was composed of: Faustino Diaz Fortuny, Deputy Director for Promotion of Cultural Industries and Sponsorship (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports); Bruno Fernandez Scrimieri, representing ICEX Spain Export and Investment (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness); Rossana Orlandi, prestigious design gallery-owner and sponsor of the fair; Gisella Borioli, CEO of Superstudio Group and Creative Director of Temporary Museum for New Design; and the direction of Product design Madrid.

During the five days show in Milan 25.000 people passed over to know Product Design Madrid. Our team did an intensive communication campaign aiming to position the platform and make it known among professionals, schools and media of the international design sector.