Pilar de Prada



Product’s name: DATproject:BURMA, PTERON & UAG_2M 


Both elegant and functional, this writing desk stands out as a unique decorative piece. Its multiple structural planes, the combination of different materials and its storage capabilities add to its original refined lines.


Is a buffet piece consisting of two separate and distinctive module units. The smallest module rests upon a light structure, while the larger module appears to be floating above it. The buffet has four drawers in its lower module unit, and three sliding doors in the upper module unit.


A beautiful piece inspired by nature, its organic shape contrasts heavily with its precise geometry and clean assembled lines.The sides of this table stretch to become one with its legs, making them stand out from the rest of the piece. This, in turn, gives the table a slight sculptural essence, becoming less of a side table and more of an architectural stand alone piece.


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