PDM in the temporary museum for new design


Product Design Madrid takes part in the Freedom Project of the Temporary Museum for New Design. Madrid (COAM). We exhibit at Superstudio the products of: Arthur Analts, Andreu Carulla, Antonio Serrano, Controlmad, José María Gutiérrez, Mimétrica, Noviembre Estudio, Raúl Lázaro, Schneider Colao, Yuri Sviridov, and Dodi Díaz.

On this occasion PDM also opens the call for subscriptions for its second edition.

Find us at Superstudio 13, via Forcella 13 – Milán.

Product Design Madrid in freedom

SCHEDULE: From 9. To 13. April – from 10 am to 11 pm
The  14. April – from 10 am to 6.30 pm

By registering online, visitors will receive a special pass that permits to have some benefits, such as immediate and direct access to the two locations of Temporary Museum for New Design, Superstudio Più/Superstudio 13, without waiting in line, priority in booking at Superstudio restaurants, curated by the starred chef Fabio Baldassarre, access to the vip lounge, and more.


We heartily recommend the online registration, instead of the on-site one.

Product Design Madrid in Superstudio 13

Product Design Madrid in Superstudio 13