Register for PDM2 International Fair is easy and a good value as it´s the suitable place to start being part of the design community and display innovative pieces. Along with our partners, we help you to market your designs and find new connections for your career among the design brands. Just follow these steps:

1.- Select one or several of your products to bring them to the fair. Your participation depends on your designs and budget. Cost per product or set of products: 480 euros + VAT.  No size or space restriction. Products must be ready for the time of the event, at least as prototypes.

2.- Send us the completed application form showing us some pics of your product/s.

3.- PDM team will evaluate your proposal and give a quick response.

4.- Once your application is accepted and the payment done, you are ready to go! PDM will communicate your brand and participation in its website and social networks till the end of the current edition (April 2014).

And remember that products accepted might be also in other events of PDM: Barcelona Design Week (18-21 June 2013), DecorAccion Madrid (19-22 September 2013), Espacio D21 in Feriarte (16-24 November 2013) and Fuori Salone Milan (April 2014).

Be ahead of the event and prepare your participation to make the most of Product Design Madrid!

Here are the application forms to registration in PDM2 (including conditions of participation). Download it, fill in the requested information and send it to subscription@productdesignmadrid.com

Application form