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Products Name: Durruti, Innisfree & Tectónica

Behind his anarchic and deconstructed appearance hides a real purpose of order and method: to organize our library thematically. DURRUTI makes it possible to place in the same column all interrelated books, regardless of format, from the small pocket copy to the great book of art. And, as Reclus Élisée said: “Anarchy is the ultimate expression of order”.

This chair transforms into a simple element for relaxing in a space of privacy and introspection. The option to insert a screen either on the left or right, makes it easy to use with different orientations inside a bigger space, either in a residential or public environment. The addition of a supplementary small table, with or without lighting, completes this micro self-contained and self-sufficient architecture where we find everything we need to be or at least to feel free.

The thermoformable ability of the Corian® from DuPont™ gives us the possibility to obtain a continuous surface but at the same time broken into four different levels. So you can distinguish in the same table diverse uses and hierarchies at each height. We can achieve a lower zone for storage of magazines and newspapers and at the same time a higher area where to position objects of daily use.


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