Decoracción 2012



Nuevo Estilo magazine celebrated last September 27-30 the 3rd edition of Decoracción in Madrid (Barrio de las Letras).

Every year this young show meets up interior designers, antique shops, photographers and artists. It also offered some lectures, workshops and concerts, and invited important guests and professionals of the design field.

Product Design Madrid has been in the Plaza de las Letras presenting the installation “Constructing the first design fair in Madrid “,a preview of some products such as: Mary Muffins by Lorenzo Patuzzo (winner of the online competition in PDM Facebook site); The Lady is a Tramp by Carlos Maté Studio; Head Lamp and Pac-Man Lamp by the Russian designer Yuri Sviridov; the CH.01 chair by Íñigo González Haba Plana; Portabotellas by studio Controlamad; and Trimmer de Dvelas chair designed by Enrique Kahle.

By taking part in this event PDM intended to publicly present our innovative vision and goals for the design market.