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Product’s Name: The Lady is a Tramp Inner Worlds Prototypes & Apropiaciones

The Inner Worlds Prototypes are particular, round and closed in themselves pieces, protective individuals that generates an isolate space in which we can create our personal universe. The use of materials reinforce this sense of division between interior and exterior. From the outside we can feel an imperfect, random and raw finishing, made out of a synthetic porcelain. As we move to the interior part it becomes somewhat softer and much kinder. Porcelain gets a more delicate touch, as wood, cooper and embroidery appears.

Appropriations is a research project in course which, through the art technique of appropriation, intervene antique and massive distribution furniture, appropriating to compose animated objects and furniture. During the process, functionality and the symbolic nature of the furniture is theatrically inflated and exaggerated, altering its functionality and turning them into sculpture-object.

Carlos Mate Spain
Elena Urucatu Rumania

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