Andreu Carulla


Product’s Name: Facetada, Moby Duck & The Stooler


Designed for Utoopic, the Stooler can recycle or reuse almost any object to become a stool. It consists of four legs with a lashing knots holding two adjustable flanges to any object, so we can have a stool made from old newspapers, clothes, stuffed


Collection of hand-shaped lamps. With veneer cuts, we can shape it freely, giving a gravitational light appearance. The result is a faceted mirror that reinterprets its environment. Light filters through the plate cuts creating a transparent effect and projecting a spectacular array on the roof.

Moby Duck.

Product designed for Besttiari. It’s a giant shower duck for pools, ponds, gardens or even inside. Its friendly and familiar appearance, gives a special joy to any corner. Moby Duck has an integrated LED light system that lights the environment indirectly



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